Sitting Down With Judges of Crunchyroll Hime’s Cosplay Cup


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What’s a convention without a cosplay contest? Nothing!! Even if conventions are physically canceled don’t worry Virtual Crunchyroll Expo has your back. The final round of Crunchyroll Hime’s Cosplay Cup is this weekend. You can check out some of the finalist here. We grabbed two of the judges of the cosplay contest for a quick Q&A.

We have Vampy Bit Me the Gundam Mecha Mommy Cosplayer. Lately, she is adding Livestreamer to her belt. You can catch her squealing in joy while playing One Piece games. Other days you can watch her complete another Gundam model for Gunpla days on Twitch. Secondly, we have Kamui Cosplay the duo team cosplay. Svetlana and Benni put their minds together to make some of the biggest and best builds in cosplay. Kamui Cosplay now is a major consultant for cosplay whether through YouTube videos for the everyday cosplayer or directly for a big-time company.

Vampy Bit Me Q&A:

Which fandom is bigger for you One Piece or Gundam?
Okay, that’s hard! I would say Gundam for sure! I saved my money every year to fly to Japan at least twice to just go to visit the Gundam Base and shop. Literally just that. I literally stopped living with my parents because of my Gunpla collection and moved out because my room was a nightmare and my Mom hated seeing the stacks of Gunpla all over. I couldn’t take her nagging so I had to leave. I love my Mom, but I need my Gunpla!

So yeah Gundam for sure. 

We see you are quite the video game livestreamer. Will you be streaming Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON?
Yes, I will! I need to practice more though! It’s so much fun! 

What is the next Gundam Cosplay that you would like to do?
I would love to make either a Kampfer cosplay, Sinanju, or a Shin Musha! I love them those designs. I also would have to say a Z’ Gok would be hilarious! Someday I must make it.

Kamui Cosplay Q&A:

Now, that you give a ton of knowledge/secrets away about cosplay. What is your personal focus when it comes to the industry?
I love helping and inspire people within and outside the cosplay community and I’m happy I’m able to make a living from it. I think cosplay is an awesome way to express your passion for something and is a way to find not only amazing friends, but maybe even a new way of life. So I’m always happy if I was able to inspire someone to dress up as well! 

We see a new wave of type of cosplay has entered the industry. How does the future of cosplay look or what will it be?
I began with cosplay in 2003 and I honestly didn’t see a huge change in the community at all. I think in the future, more and more people will discover the hobby, there will be more tutorials and guides, more crafting and costume shops, and also bigger conventions. At the end though, it’s still like in 2003: It’s about being creative, dressing up and have a great time with your friends.

You can catch VampyBitMe and Kamui Cosplay at the contest along with Mario Bueno and Rock M. Sakura as guest judges.

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  • The guests will appear as judges at Crunchyroll Hime’s Cosplay Cup
    • It’s going to be a showcase of fandom creations judged by performance, construction, and innovation like no other.
  • Date/Time: Saturday, September 5 from 7:00-9:00 PM PT
  • Stage: Crunchyroll Stage

You can still register for free and get your badge along with more information here.

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