Tsukasa Kiryu Q&A and “So I’m A Spider, So What?”


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The light novel “So I’m a Spider, So What?”, has been a hit in Japan. It follows in the same theme of recent isekai light novels. Yet, this one has a very big and crazy different aspect to it. The story is written by Okina Baba and illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu. Both will make an appearance at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo(V-CRX) this weekend.

The light novel would go on to get a manga. We’ve never heard of this happening but they needed an artist for the manga. Asahiro Kakashi is doing the art for the manga style manga. You’ll notice a difference between the light novel and manga. It’s still the same great story and you can’t go wrong with either the light novel or the manga.

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Anime Pad snatched up six volumes of the manga. At first, the manga didn’t appeal to us at all. The main character Kumoko passes out at school and wakes up as a spider in another world. Because of this, she is trying to survive in this fantasy world. Before we knew it though we were on volume three in one day. What will happen to Kumoko? Will she ever be human again? You can get the light novel and manga from Yen Press.

The light novel and manga are doing so well that Crunchyroll Originals has decided to greenlight an anime. We can’t wait to see this manga come to life and see if fans will pick up the show. We were able to catch up with Kiryu-san before V-CRX for a quick Q&A.

Tsukasa Kiryu Q&A:

How did you come to work on this light novel? 

The contact with whom I worked with on another series reached out to me.

How does it feel that this light novel has become not only a manga, but also a soon to be released anime?
As a fan I am very happy. I observed the recording session remotely the other day. Just seeing the characters move made me go, “They’re alive! They’re all alive!” so hearing them live was awe-inspiring. I’m looking forward to the broadcast and streaming.

You can catch Kiryu-san’s panel and more about “So I’m a Spider, So What?”


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