Stop the Press: Q&A With Crunchyroll Superhost Tim Lyu


We’re excited to see what Crunchyroll has in store for anime fans with their Virtual Expo (V-CRX). Leading up the convention we have been reaching out to members of Crunchyroll and guests of the event. Today we reached out to Crunchyroll Store Model and Superhost Tim Lyu. Tim is the go to man for all of Crunchyroll’s major interviews with celebs and guests. Earlier this year he reached out to Megan thee Stallion. Check out our quick session.












Is it just me or do you not attend conventions?
HMM… You might be right… I’ve really only gone to Anime Expo (i think 2017, 2018, 2019) and CRX… So yeah… you might be right about that. Oh did I go to Supernova Expo once while I lived in Australia! Does that count?

Is it preparation or do you really retain that much wealth of knowledge about anime?
I like to think I got a nice healthy wealth of knowledge about manga and anime! More manga than anime though. 

What interview do you really want to do that hasn’t happened yet?
I would love to interview Eiichiro Oda-sensei, Takehiko Inoue-sensei OR Kentaro Miura-sensei… Honestly I’d just like to meet them and hold their hand. That’d be swell…

Catch up with Tim Lyu at these panels during V-CRX:

There’s still time to register and get your pass to see Tim Lyu and all Crunchyroll is up too here!!

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