Paper Mario: The Origami King Combat System Revealed



In not-so-Nintendo fashion, word of a brand new Paper Mario title practically fell from the sky just a few weeks ago. Dubbed Paper Mario: The Origami King. This next installment in the long-running and beloved spinoff series will see Mario and co., going up against a new antagonist. Let’s not forget and (this will blow your mind) rescuing Princess Peach. Shortly thereafter, more was revealed about the game including the bread and butter of every installment- its combat system.



Paper Mario is well-known for offering simple mechanics that just about anyone can pick up on in a short time frame. Regardless of how much RPG experience they have (much like the core Super Mario titles). While Origami King is keeping things turn-based and concise, the combat system as a whole is unlike anything we’ve seen from the series yet.

Fights take place in large, multilayered rings in which Mario is placed dead-center. You’ll be able to spin these rings around to line up enemies in a row and knock them out in one fell swoop. Boss fights handle this system a little differently, as you can see in the trailer above. The boss will be positioned in the center and the focus shifts to creating a safe pathway for Mario. He then can travel to take down the dreaded…colored pencils?


Considering the light-hearted nature of these games, perhaps I shouldn’t have ruled out the possibility of Mario taking on the Office Depot catalog. The trailer also shows the plumber duking it out with a character made of rubber bands and a roll of tape. To think we’ve *still* never seen him fix a sink. (Not in any of the games, at least)

Paper Mario: The Origami King launches on Nintendo Switch July 17 at the standard $59.99 price tag.

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