New Bandai Namco IP Will Have you Using Brains Over Brawn


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I’ve always adored action games that revolved around one central gimmick, especially when it’s used as a springboard for creative combat and level design. Whether it’s using a rocket-pack to launch into mobs of armor-clad swine (Rocket Knight Adventures) or manipulating gravity with the aid of a mysterious feline companion (Gravity Rush), these kinds of games make for a memorable experience among the more traditional titles. Third-person action RPG Scarlet Nexus, which is currently in development for both PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One/Series X and PC, will have players putting down their swords and guns in favor of extraordinary mental powers.

Set in the futuristic city of New Himuka, a psionic hormone found in the human brain has given way to individuals with heightened sensory powers who have paved the way for technological breakthroughs and innovations. As the city sees a new era, aliens are known as “The Others” have fallen from the sky and are after (you guessed it) brains. They can’t be taken out in the conventional means, which leads to the creation of the OSF (Other Suppression Force).

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Taking control of Yuito Sumeragi, the OSF’s latest recruit, you’ll be taking on the Others with the power of psycho-kinesis as you explore the city and earn the rank of an elite psionic. Since Sumeragi can yank out pieces of the environment with his mind, you’ll have to use the environment to your advantage when taking on adversaries. It appears Sumeragi is equipped with a regular sword, but it’s safe to say that it’ll take a back seat when it comes to squaring off against the alien invasion.

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There’s currently no word on a release date or Nintendo Switch release, although many retailers currently have a placeholder release date of December 31st, 2021. Interestingly enough, pre-orders are open despite the long wait ahead. Gaming historians of the future, take note- this is the very first (and currently only) PS5 game to be up for pre-order. Personally…I can’t wait to fling cars at these bizarre-looking creatures.

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We’ll be throwing crates at aliens with swine-shaped legs and floral bodies with our brains come 2021. What a time to be alive.



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