365 Days of Tokyo Sites for Your Travels


Tourism is at an all-time low and it’s especially affecting our friends in Japan that count on it more than other countries. The Coronavirus hit and Japan as an island had to restrict travel to the country. Japan has lost 93% of travelers to the country as of May 2020. We were even supposed to make the trip to the Grand Line of Japan this year. Sadly, like everything else that has been postponed or nearly canceled. Viz Media is giving us hope though with a book they published titled, “Tokyo: Day By Day.”

Much like us you wanted to visit Japan if you haven’t already. On June 9th, VIZ Media will release Tokyo: Day By Day: an instagrammable book that reveals all the hidden treasures the dazzling megacity has to offer for 365 days of the year! Ever wanted to explore the megacity Tokyo and didn’t know where to start? Tokyo: Day By Day takes you on an adventure through this dazzling and magical city most tourists never see.


The English Adaptation: Isabelle Huang, Design & Layout: Adam Grano, Content Provided By RETRIP, VIZ Media Published June 9, 2020, Paperback $24.99

Tokyo: Day By Day highlights daily seasonal curations based on the calendar year. Witness local festivals such as Children’s Day with colorful carp streamers swimming at the foot of Tokyo Tower or learn how to unleash your inner kawaii with delicious Totoro cream puffs and Harajuku’s adorable Hedgehog Cafe. With all the included contact and travel information, learn every nook and cranny that compares the same street knowledge as any Tokyo local.

Walk down hidden cobblestoned alleyways lit by traditional Minka homes and into the dreamiest of flower parks filled with lavender; taste the myriad sweets and pastries and learn the art of Maito Kuramae– all fueled by ramen, the city’s signature dish, and tea, always tea.

With its endless imagination, enchanting atmosphere, grand passion, and true beauty, Tokyo: Day By Day is the ultimate travel companion for both frequent and first-time visitors. Plus, you’ll never get lost thanks to the expertly mapped out location, contact, and train stop information.


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