Hot Girl Meg at Crunchyroll Expo?!



A month and some time ago Hot Girl Meg, Megan Thee Stallion the Houston Rapper, and Avid anime fan did an Instagram Live interview with Crunchyroll’s Tim Lyu. We attended the online interview live in the moment. In the interview we find out a lot about Megan’s love for anime. We learn the shows that she’s currently watching, some of her favorites and that she loves the anime guys that ride hard for their women. One of those being Inuyasha as one of her favorites.


For those that didn’t Megan incorporates a lot of anime and manga into her rap persona. She has many verses with anime hints and shout outs. Yet she also styles herself to look like anime characters for photoshoots and sometimes you catch her in anime apparel or cosplay. She’s not just a Hot Girl she’s an Anime Girl/Blerd Queen. Lead us to the promised land Hot Girl Meg.

What we found interesting is at the very end of the interview Tim Lyu asks Megan if she’s ever been to an Anime convention. She replies no but would certainly like to go/attend one. Tim replies well what about Crunchyroll Expo. She replies yeah let’s do it invite me out and the interview concludes there.


Crunchyroll Expo happens to be in September every year since 2017 on Labor Day Weekend. This year with COVID-19 and 95% of conventions having to cancel this year we thought maybe we wouldn’t make it. Crunchyroll never made a statement about canceling the con. Then people started to stay home, and we fought back against the virus. Now, states are starting to either reopen or ease stay home restrictions. Talks of sports returning this summer are happening. The con may happen this September.
We caught up with Crunchyroll to see how serious they were about their invitation to Megan Thee Stallion. They had this to say,

“Let me chat with the team and see if anything has come to fruition after that conversation. If we were to have her, I am sure the team would want to do a big announcement for it, so I’ll keep you posted!”

“Fingers crossed!”

-Crunchyroll PR Team

Therefore when we know you guys will be the first to hear it here!!


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