Hidden Anime Gem of the Month!


Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Platoon Manga Cover

Ever come upon a show that went under the radar and was surprisingly good. Well, this month we found another one. Even though there are a ton of good shows sometimes we find a good obscure show. This month we just found and finished the show Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Platoon. It’s original creator or writer of the manga/light novel is Toki Yanagimi and the Illustrator is Youhei Yasumura.

Takeru Kusunagi

In this show, military school trains and raises the next person that will police and contain magic users. When they obtain the level of Inquisitor, they go on missions to hunt witches, investigate mysteries, and stop other magical criminals. The story starts with the 35th Platoon, which is a makeshift platoon thrown together. Our main character is Takeru Kusunagi who leads the platoon. They are the worst platoon not because they don’t have skill but because each member has certain quirks and personality issues. The platoon starts to grow though, and the members form a very formidable team.

The show only has one season and 12 episodes which are typical of a diamond in the ruff type show. We found the show on Crunchyroll in subtitles, but it’s possible to find it on other streaming services. The show moves on a rapid pace with great storytelling, great character building, and some great action, all to end in 12 episodes. Typically, shows like this end on a cliffhanger situation making you want for more. The story ends on a high note where a viewer can certainly be satisfied or wanting another season. It introduces some late battle characters, but your main character and some of the platoon progress enough for the show to wrap.

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Every anime show goes with a sort of genre or theme. You know the slice of life, shojo, sports, mecha, shonen, harem, etc. Well, this show takes on a list of genres and includes a ton of anime tropes. You’ll certainly recognize those known about throughout anime history and from many years of watching anime. Enjoy the ride and picking up on all of them. Particularly in the subtitles we found that some of the dialogue was unique and hilarious. We wonder if the translation was that or the English production team threw in some extra lines in scenes.

Lastly, the animation on this show is great for a show produced back in 2015. It’s possibly more ahead of its time. It blends well the great art, 2D animation, and 3DCGI of the show. Silver Link handled the 2D production. They aren’t a very big head of the pack production company, but they been involved in many big titles and movies as a second-team, in-between, or just to put finishing touches on a title. We can certainly see them being the main production on other hit shows. Tri-Slash is such a great name for a company, they handled the 3DCGI. They’ve been around a minute but haven’t worked on that many shows. That’s partly because a lot of shows don’t use 3DCGI in the first place, but they’ve worked on bigger shows like Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online and Princess Principal.

This is one we greatly recommend. For those with a ton of time or short of time it’s a quick 12 episodes packed with action, laughs, and story. Go check it out now.

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