Hatsune Miku Makes her Switch Debut This Week




Hatsune Miku, SEGA’s beloved Vocaloid, will be making her first appearance on the Nintendo Switch stateside for her 10th Anniversary with SEGA this week in the form of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix.

Mega Mix will go on sale in the Nintendo Eshop on May 15. As one might deduce from the title, it will contain a multitude of songs throughout this rhythm franchise’s expansive history. The standard edition will retail for $34.99, with the expanded “Mega Pack” version going for $59.99 which includes six additional song packs (amounting to 36 new songs total not found in the standard edition). Pre-ordering will grant you access to four additional songs on top of what’s in these packs, but it’s also worth noting that these songs are planned to be available for free starting June 12. At the time of writing, there are unfortunately no plans for a physical release. That said, a Limited Run Games(LRG) release later down the road isn’t out of the question considering their recent lineup.

Aside from some exclusive songs, this version of the game will feature something few titles on the Switch have offered since launch- joy-con interactivity. “Mix” mode will allow you to wield the joy-cons and flick your wrists to the beat of the songs. In addition, the game will have a “tabletop” mode that makes use of the touch screen as opposed to actual controllers.

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SEGA has been kind enough to release an early demo (quite the rarity in the ninth generation of consoles) that you can download now, containing two of the over one hundred songs to be featured in the full release on May 15.

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