My Hero Academia Wizard World Virtual Event


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Just when you thought Wizard World’s Virtual Events were going to be all about American television. They surprise us with an anime virtual event on April 28, 3 p.m. ET/noon PT. That’s right Wizard World will be bringing in select voice actors of the hit show, “My Hero Academia!” My Hero Academia is heating up especially with the ending of the 4th season simulcast. The season just wrapped up this past March 2020.


Coming to the Virtual event are voice actors Elizabeth Maxwell (Pro Hero, Midnight), Jason Liebrecht (League of Villains Member, Dabi), Eric Vale (League of Villains Leader, Tomura Shigaraki), Leah Clark (League of Villains Member, Himiko Toga), and Kyle Phillips (UA Student, Denki Kaminari). It’s sure to be a Plus Ultra time.

Much like the other Virtual Events, it will start with a free web Q&A with all the members. Then it will break out to separate rooms with each voice actor. There paying attendees can enjoy personal live video chats, buy autographs, and recorded messages. All of this will take place while everyone is safe, healthy, and staying in their homes.


Don’t miss out on grabbing your place with these heroes and villains of one of the biggest anime and manga in the world. Don’t worry about spoilers too if you aren’t caught up with the latest season of the anime. The characters have been strategically chosen for your pleasure. To enjoy the free Q&A see here and purchase tickets for personal sessions here.


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