Hypland Made Us Watch Hunter X Hunter


Many months and years we continued to see this anime jacket in threads and groups. We always thought that the jacket was amazing, well designed, and gave a cool flair to anime fashion. We found out that the anime featured on the jacket was Hunter X Hunter. Then we swore that we would never watch the anime of Hunter X Hunter after reading the synopsis. We never even could figure out who the company was that was making the jacket.


All of that changed one day when we couldn’t escape the jacket being mentioned in our groups and circles. We binged Hunter X Hunter over two to three days and never looked back. Now, while we didn’t fully agree with Hunter X Hunter we see it’s rightful purpose in the anime community. What’s crazier is that we ran into the company Hypland that makes the jacket at Anime NYC 2019. Then we ran into them again at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo 2020. We had to stop and get an exclusive interview with them.

We quickly talk about the creation of the clothing brand, anime, collabs, our story to them and so much more. Check it out below!


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