Wizard World Virtual Events is a Smash Hit



In a few other blog posts, we introduced people to the Virtual Events that Wizard World would be holding. Well after two events they really are moving in a successful direction. Thousands of fans showed up for the Supernatural event two weeks ago and then the Once Upon a Time event this past weekend. In this time of conventions being canceled because of the coronavirus, Wizard World seems to have come prepared.

James Marsters



You can catch up on the free twitch streams of the group Q & A for each event here. After the Q & A fans could buy personal stream time with cast members and get autographs sent to them. This is great for the “stay at home,” message and can be encouraging to fans across the nation and world. The next event is a mash-up of Buffy and Angel cast members. One of our favorites James Marsters who held the role of Spike in both shows will be such cast members. This event takes place Sat Apr 11 at 12:00pm PDT.




We’re personally supposed to attend Wizard World St. Louis, which takes place on June 5-7. It’s the continuation of the Smallville cast tour essentially. Nobody knows when the virus will calm down and if this convention will be canceled much like the others. If it gets closer to that time and we don’t have a resolution they may move in that direction to hold another virtual that way. There’s a lot of time between then so we have our ears to the ground for information from Wizard World. For more info on virtual events see here.

Michael Rosenbaum(Left) & Tom Welling(Right) of Smallville

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