Wizard World Adds “Virtual Experiences” Amid COVID-19


We’re starting to see a trend now. Conventions are under attack by the Coronavirus or COVID-19. The virus is highly contagious and has a lingering effect on most objects and in the air. People are told to stay indoors and practice social distancing until the virus passes and we get a vaccine cure. This leads to many conventions being cancelled or rescheduled. Wizard World has taken steps to majorly entertain during social distancing with its, “Virtual Experiences.”


Wizard Entertainment Inc. (OTCBB:WIZDD) for more than 20 years has produced “Wizard World” events at which attendees have enjoyed meeting celebrities, participating in Q&A panels, collecting signatures and conversing with their favorite artists and writers in gatherings at convention centers across North America. Now Wizard Entertainment will bring that experience online with “Wizard World Virtual Experiences,” which make many of the elements that fans at Wizard World shows love most accessible to everyone regardless of location.


Michael Rosenbaum(Left) & Tom Welling(Right) of Smallville

Wizard Entertainment will launch this exciting venture later this month, with the celebrities and groups involved in the inaugural programming to be announced soon. Fans will have the ability to purchase a personal one-minute video chat, :15- or :30-second personalized video recording, signed 8×10 photos and signed memorabilia, group chats and exclusive limited edition art. Select session dates will feature live video panels that are free for fans to view and hear, accessible through the Wizard World website and other social media platforms.

“‘Wizard World Virtual Experiences’ will bring the Wizard World experience to fans across the globe, wherever they live,” said John D. Maatta, CEO, Wizard Entertainment, Inc. “We will capture the excitement of interacting one-on-one with celebrities and creators in a format that will be unique and compelling.”

The sessions will be on set dates, with live panels, video chats, and signings taking place at designated times during the day. Keep your eyes peeled or you might miss these great encounters.


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