CoroCoro Teases New Game and Manga That will Push Switch Hardware


One of the greatest things about gaming news before the internet was the power of imagination. You’d get these ancient tomes in the mail called magazines, and they would have a blurb and (if you’re lucky) some good screenshots of upcoming releases. That would essentially be all you had to go on until the game was released- and it looks like Japanese publication CoroCoro Comic is taking that approach again in teasing a new mystery title that will likely be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.


The magazine, popular for its focus on Pokémon-related news, made note of a new action title coming for Switch that will follow in the footsteps of Splatoon and Fortnite. Allegedly, the game will also “utilize the Switch’s performance to its very limit.” At this time, the only other thing we have to go off of is a supposed screenshot showing a young boy facing off against a monster in what appears to be a recreation of New York.  Not much is known about the premise, other than that “battles break out between skyscrapers in the middle of a peaceful city.” The publisher is not known at this time, nor a release date. Interestingly enough, this mystery game is also set to have a manga adaptation.


Going off what little information we have, I say we’re in for some open-world, combat-based gameplay with an art style akin to Pokémon or Yo-Kai Watch. Considering that the game is to follow in the footsteps of two titles that are immensely popular with children and young adults, as well as the fact that there will be a manga adaptation (which tends to happen with a lot of family-friendly video games such as Capcom’s Mega Man and even the Western developed Crash Bandicoot series)…I’d like to think I’m somewhere in the ballpark with this theory. Take this with a grain of salt though- it shouldn’t be long until more information gets passed along on this strange new IP.


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