Premium Bandai USA Brings Exclusive Gundam Models and Dragon Ball Figures to North America


Bandai has been trying to attract more attention to some of it’s most popular products. Bandai the wholesale toy retailer of such shows as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Gundam, and many more. The attention they’re trying to get is that of Americans. There’s a market for Americans that has been gaining more and more traction that isn’t centered on kids. Americans are true collectors of such items and shows and Bandai wants to make their items readily more available.





Premium Bandai USA is Bandai’s official online store and focuses on stocking high-quality anime, video games, and Tokusatsu merchandise. These limited edition and variant products are not available from any other domestic retailer and include action figures, model kits, jewelry and other collectibles based on many popular anime and video game properties.



Starting on April 2, 2020, Premium Bandai USA will begin offering highly sought-after and exclusive collectibles from renowned Bandai toy and collectible brands to domestic fans and customers. The catalog has been expanded to feature Tamashii Nation’s S.H.Figuarts action figure line and Bandai Spirits Hobby’s catalog of Gundam model kits (GUNPLA), including many rare and limited-edition releases that were, until now, available only to the Japanese market.

Premium Bandai USA GunPla Graphic

Nearly two dozen Dragon Ball and Mobile Suit Gundam products will be available direct to North American consumers starting on April 2nd via Premium Bandai USA.

Register with Premium Bandai USA before March 30, 2020, for a chance to win Dragon Ball and Gundam prizes!

Dragon Ball




What is S.H. Figuarts?

A new standard in action figures representing the state of the art Tamashii Nation design technology. Designed to realistically mimic the full range of motion of the human body, the series name is a contraction of the concepts of “Simple Style” and “Heroic Action.” Standing roughly 14cm tall, the highly posable S.H.Figuarts figures are designed to feel like little treasures.




What is “GUNPLA”?

Gundam + Plastic Model = GUNPLA

GUNPLA is the common name for plastic models of Mobile Suits, Mobile Armor, and other robots that appear in the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam anime series.

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Over 445 million GUNPLA models have been sold in the past 40 years since the first “1/144 Gundam” model was released in 1980. GUNPLA models are now manufactured in Japan with planning, product development and production taking place at the BANDAI Hobby Center, located in “Hobby City Shizuoka,” to maintain high quality and accurately meet market demand while also ensuring uniformity in design.



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