Jet Set Radio Love Letter HOVER Gets A Physical Release


While SEGA may be most commonly associated with a certain blue blur, they were also responsible for a multitude of innovations on both the hardware and software front before leaving the console business after the sixth generation. From the Sega Channel to one-hit wonders such as Ristar, SEGA was a source of creative genius before moving off into third party publishing. Jet Set Radio is perhaps one of their biggest “forgotten” IPs, having gained a serious cult following since appearing on the company’s last official console. While SEGA themselves haven’t decided to do much with the stylistic, trick-centered series since then…indie developers Fusty Game and Midgard took on the reigns of making a sort of spiritual successor back in 2017.

Formerly known under the (admittedly cringeworthy) title of Hover: Revolt of Gamers, Hover is a highly stylized 3D Parkour game whose main inspiration is apparent from the moment you start playing. Hideki Naganuma, who composed Jet Set Radio’s iconic soundtrack, even produced a few tracks to hit the spot for fans of his work. (Unlike the Big N, SEGA encourages labor of love rather than pushing the big red “SUE” button.)

No one on God’s green Earth loves Jet Set Radio as much as the developers of Hover, and it shows in every strand of its DNA. The fast, trick-focused movement model is pure Dreamcast, and with spray-painting, challenging races and an anti-authoritarian attitude, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a full franchise revival. – Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, NintendoLife



PM Studios, a company similar to Limited Run Games that produces low-print physical release runs, has taken on a 5,000 copy batch of the game exclusively for Nintendo Switch for $29.99. Pre-orders are now being taken with an expected release date of March 9th, and you can save yourself five bucks in the process. (Considering just how giddy scalpers get over limited run stuff on Switch, in particular, you’re probably going to want to pre-order anyways if you’ve any interest.)


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