New Super Sentai 2020


Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger seems to be in a very long run. It’s the 43rd Super Sentai and the fourth dino theme. The Dino themed 2019 series will come to an end soon though. Close to the end of every Super Sentai series viewers get the update on the next series. We now have the name and trailer of the next series. Mashin Sentai Kiramager is the 44th Super Sentai series and first to be produced in the Reiwa period.

We know that the theme of every series has to be able to sell toys to children. It’s one of the major components of the show. They have to make all the power-up weapons, suits, and morphers marketable and available to purchase. This season looks to be odd mashing up many different themes on this one.


After watching the trailer, we have a four-member Sentai team missing a Red. The Red is of the sort of dumb hyper red members. They’re bringing back a very strong female leading the team until red joins. I always liked that because it made you feel as though the red joining was a sixth member instead of always being the go-to member.

This season we see they have pre morphed gear or matching outfits. I’m not a fan of them because they have the mini cape attached to them. Their morphed outfits are cool and I can rock with them. Wrist morphers are always classic and dope. Wrist morphers have even reached Kamen Rider which are all about belt morphers. Ranger wise I’m excited about the show and I’m looking forward to what the red member can do.

This season though they have talking color-coordinated gemstones. These gemstones fused with machines become the zords. All of the zords are practical things, jet airplane, car, helicopter, construction vehicle, fire engine, etc.. They combine to make a very glowing robot/mech. I would assume the toys of the zords will have light-up parts and combine for some pretty light-up effects.

It’s Super Hero Time and I hope that this will be an amazing season of the show. Check out the trailer below!!


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