GameFreak’s Latest IP To Get Physical PS4 Release


The Nintendo Switch has managed to garner a following of devoted physical collectors since its birth, and it’s about to gain one more title with a massive collector’s edition this spring.


Little Town Hero was a JRPG developed by GameFreak (who created this little known game called Pokemon. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?) and released digitally for Switch in October of last year. Thanks to NIS America, we’ll be getting the “Big Idea Edition” of the game this spring. It’s set to include the cartridge, an art book, poster, pin set, official soundtrack, and (as always) a collector’s box to proudly display on your shelf. Pre-orders are now live and can be placed here. It’s also worth noting that PS4 owners won’t be left out this time, as GameFreak plans to release the game for the console in Japan on April 23 . While there’s no word on a concrete release date for North American audiences, it’s a given that it won’t be too far behind.

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The game stars a young boy named Axe who, tired of his village’s golden rule of staying sheltered within, finds a magical stone within a mineshaft and quickly becomes the hero his town needs when an army of monsters attacks. It’s received a mixed reception since its inception, with some reviewers praising its quirky combat system while others felt it simply does not live up to the admittedly high bar set by the developer’s flagship franchise.


“Listening to the amazing tunes of Hitomi Sato and guest composer Toby Fox of Undertale fame throughout my 15-hour playthrough made for an enjoyable experience after all is said and done. There are a plethora of creative ideas inside Little Town Hero and I wish it came together more cohesively. Several performance and quality-of-life enhancements will go a long way for this game if it ever receives those patches.” -Josh Torres,

While I haven’t played this one for myself, I can see it becoming a potential cult-classic after a few console generations due to the range of opinions (similar to one of the dev’s earliest titles) and this collector’s edition could very well be quite valuable in the future thanks to that status and the limited production numbers.




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