A Look at Our 2019 Top Video Game Titles!


While there are already several titles releasing soon to ring in the new year (including Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, which is already bringing in positive critical reception), 2019 saw many impressive titles based on anime as well as titles featuring a similar aesthetic that fans of Japanese-oriented entertainment can appreciate. We’ll be looking at the games that scored the best with critics and fans alike…as well as one hidden gem hand-picked by yours truly!


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Critic Score: 90 (According to Metacritic)

User Score: 7.9 (According to Metacritic)


Even as someone who doesn’t play a ton of modern action RPGs, I can’t stress the shockwaves that From Software’s latest creation made in the gaming community. Sekiro brought players from the bleak, medieval landscapes of the Souls franchise to feudal Japan. As to be expected from this developer, the steep difficulty was brought along for the ride and of course, brought up some heated debates and memes. Nevertheless, critics and fans enjoyed this one enough to make it The Game Awards’ Game Of The Year.

“Though Sekiro feels impossibly hard at times, the level of euphoria you experience when delivering a death blow to a tricky boss or when you finally clear a castle grounds of all enemies is almost unparalleled.” -Rebecca Stow, DailyStar


Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Square Enix)

Critic Score: 86/100 (according to Metacritic)

User Score: 77/100 (according to Metacritic)

3572378-dragon quest builders 2

A spin-off of the wildly successful Dragon Quest franchise, Builders took the creation aspect of Minecraft and injected it with streamlined RPG elements. Its sequel, which released last summer, was met with equally positive reception between fans and critics alike.



Dragon Quest Builders 2 takes what was great about the first game and expands on it meaningfully, focusing on community development and large-scale building. While the combat is less-than-stellar, the overall result is a more unique experience that offers much to work with on the Isle of Awakening. -Josh Tolentino, www.gamecritics.com


Stein’s Gate; Elite (Spike Chunsoft)

Critic Score: 86/100 (according to Metacritic)

User Score: 7.1 (according to Metacritic)


Remasters are a tricky business, but according to the masses, this revision of a visual novel from 2009 did it right. GamingAge even gave the game a perfect 100/100 score, despite the reviewer not ordinarily being a fan of the genre.

“I can recommend Steins;Gate Elite to anyone who wants to experience a fantastic visual novel with multiple endings…I am not usually a fan of visual novels, but I didn’t feel bored with this one. Check this one out if you love science fiction stories that captivate.” -Chris Dunlap, GamingAge


*Hidden Gem*


Fight ‘N’ Rage (Blitworks)


The beat ’em up is a genre that, sadly, never truly evolved past the coin-op era. That is…until this game came around. Featuring a pseudo-32-bit presentation reminiscent of SNK’s Neo Geo hardware, the game sees players battling waves of mutants on their way to a Streets of Rage inspired final showdown. Fight ‘N’ Rage mixes technical fighting and non-linear progression into a tried-and-true formula to great effect. NintendoLife awarded the game a 9/10, proclaiming

“Fight’N Rage arrives on Switch and immediately positions itself as one of the must-own action games on Nintendo’s console. Its surprisingly deep and satisfyingly weighty combat engine combined with three strong and varied player characters and a host of cleverly-designed enemies elevate it above the usual button-mashing experience perhaps expected of entries in this genre.” -PJ O’Reilly, NintendoLife


For my personal write up on this one head over to my personal blog for a non-paid opinion.

“If you’re willing to look past its beginner’s traps and the occasional cheap segment, Fight ‘n’ Rage truly is one of the best modern beat ‘em up experiences and can easily keep you coming back in a way that its contemporaries would be hard pressed to.” –Ralph Schaffer, RetroUnited

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