Multi-Talented Star Riho Iida Headed to Anime Central

Anime Central has announced that it will host Japanese actress, voice actress, narrator, and singer Riho Iida at this year’s event. Anime Central will be Riho Iida’s first appearance at a North American anime convention.  She is very much looking forward to meeting her US fans!


Riho Iida, known as “Rippi”, is a Japanese actress, voice actress, narrator, and singer. She is best known as the voice of Rin Hoshizora from the Love Live! group μ’s, the popular school idol multimedia franchise that is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.


Rippi debuted as a young actress in the year 2000 and got national attention in 2002 when she was cast in the regular NHK educational TV program Tensai Terebi-Kun, which she continued to appear as a regular member for 4 years. Thereafter she continued to further her career in film, TV, commercials, stage plays, and radio. She debuted as a voice actress through Love Live! in 2013. Some of her other roles include Kana Uehara from Re-Kan!Veronica Boroswick from ēlDLIVEHijiri Yajima from FLCL Alternative, and Otoha from the game Omega Quintet.


As a singer, she performed in several prestigious events with μ’s including on the 66th Annual NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen and a 2-day concert in Tokyo Dome. She debuted as a solo artist in 2015 with her album rippi-rippi, and to date has released 2 full albums and 1 mini-album. She’s also performed theme songs to anime such as Digimon Universe and Boarding School Juliet

This year Rippi celebrates 20 years in the entertainment industry with a brand new anniversary album titled “Rippihylosophy” (pronounced Rippi-losophy) to be released on December 4th in Japan. The album includes cover songs that reflect her history as an actress and voice actress, as well as her solo works.

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