Tokyo Chronos Follow-Up Picks Release Timetable For Multiple VR Platforms



MyDearest Inc has recently announced that a follow-up to their successful Kickstarter project, Tokyo Chronos, is in development for multiple VR platforms with a target release date of Q4 2020.

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Originally undergoing development under the working title of PROJECT MEGALiTH, ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos is a sci-fi VR adventure with an anime aesthetic. It will serve as an expansion upon the world of its predecessor and, true to MyDearest’s knack for unconventional storytelling, will encourage its players to expect the unexpected with branching paths and choices.


As with any sequel or follow-up, it’s always good news when some (or all) of the original staff is present. Fortunately, Haruki Kashiwakura, who previously worked on Tokyo Chronos, has returned for ALTEDUS and is joined by character designer LAM of Persona 5 fame. 

While Tokyo Chronos had the honor of being the only Japanese VR title to join the Oculus Essentials line, LAM hopes to raise the bar even further with ALTDEUS. 

TOKYO CHRONOS marks my first leap into VR and with the release of ALTDEUS, I want to showcase a new side of my work,” said LAM. “It is my most ambitious project to date, and I think my work with MyDearest will continue to breath(e) vibrant new life into the VR scene.”


Although MyDearest has not disclosed which platforms their new title will be released on just yet, it’s worth noting that Tokyo Chronos found its way onto all of the major VR platforms available thanks to backers pledging nearly $100,000 during development. Oculus Rift/Go, Steam VR and PS VR all received ports at varying price points. Chances are, you’ll be able to play ALTDEUS on your platform of choice when it arrives. If the pricing of Toyko Chronos is anything to go by, we can expect a price of $40-50.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the development process of the game’s predecessor over at  its official Kickstarter page . Additionally, you can check out the developer’s official website

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