Robbie Daymond Making Video Games?!


Anime Pad was invited to Anime NYC 2019. Here we caught up with the one and only Robbie Daymond. The incredible voice actor was in rare form once again. We talked initially about his various voice acting roles, then talked about him producing his own content.

Daymond has been putting out his own vlogs and doing shows with voice acting pals Ray Chase and Max Mittelman. They also go by the acronym L.A.V.A., which stands for Loud Annoying and Very Annoying. They’ve been performing live shows across the U.S. for various conventions. They have a Twitch Stream where they play games and are annoying too. At the end of our interview with Daymond, he spills a little bit about creating a video game with his L.A.V.A. companions.

Daymond and crew have begun work on a video game project. Daymond and the boys are very hands-on with the project. Daymond even has friends in the video game and computer business. We know one in fact at Nvidia, so Daymond and crew are very serious about this added venture. We can’t wait for more news about it and we know it’s going to be something somewhat funny based on Daymond and the boys. Check out the interview below and hear it from Daymond yourself.

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