Hey, It’s Johnny Yong Bosch!!


Catching up with Johnny Yong Bosch at Anime Senpai was great. We talked about all the latest with him acting and voice-over work. We talked about the latest talks with Hasbro now owning Power Rangers. Quickly moving into his new role as Giyu on Demon Slayer now on Toonami. Just an FYI Bosch really loves the Ichigo role from Bleach and would love to continue to voice that character. He doesn’t care if it’s not an official Kubo release, Bosch hints at voicing the character for fan projects. If you make something nice, he will come. We’re not completely sure but shoot your shot.


Finally, Bosch talks about another movie project that Jason David Frank and he are working on producing. Now Bosch was tightly lipped about the project, but in recent Instagram lives Frank has dropped the name of the project as, “Click Boom.” We’re looking for something great from these two and you know it will have plenty of action. Check out the interview below.




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