Is Kamen Rider Making a Return to the United States?


Things are brewing for Kamen Rider or what the U.S. called Masked Rider. This year’s Kamen Rider series Zero-One is the start of a new era in the series. Here at Anime Pad, we’ve always been Tokusatsu fans. That includes Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and other smaller titles. We’ve noticed a considerable uptick in English words and phrases in the show and their Kamen Rider toys or gear.

Rumors are that Hasbro might be bringing the property back to U.S. shores again. This would be the third time that they have tried to bring the series to American audiences. The previous times didn’t fair very well, but cult fans loved them. If Bandai is making the toys with English and Japanese phrases, they can easily be marketed to fans here in the States.


What we want to know is if Hasbro does bring over Kamen Rider which one of the seasons would they bring to the States. We might have received a hint at Anime NYC 2019 at the Bandai Booth. There was a nice display of Kamen Rider W. On television screens the opening was playing and both belts were on display. The Double driver and the single double driver were in a glass case.



If you think about it Kamen Rider W came out in 2009-2010. Why display this old season if you just want to show off Kamen Rider? It can’t just be a coincidence that they show this season at a major convention. Can we reasonably expect a U.S. Kamen Rider show in 2020 or 2021? I think this would be great and I’d wholeheartedly support the show. Here’s to Kamen Rider or whatever they’ll call it coming back to the States.

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