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Many of you know and for those that don’t know Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection is a movie that released earlier this year. In this title that continues the original continuity of the franchise, we see Lelouch return from the dead metaphorically anyway. The dub was also released without much of anyone knowing. Many fans were shocked that after 10 years of reaching out and asking that we would get this film out of nowhere.

At Anime NYC 2019, Producer/Director Goro Taniguchi, Character Designer/Chief Animation Director Takahiro Kimura, screenwriter/scriptwriter Ichiro Okouchi and the character C.C.’s Japanese Voice Actor Yukana held a panel and private press conference. Here they would screen the film at the panel and later explain the thoughts behind the latest film and a glimpse of the future of this Code Geass world.

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Okouchi-san wrote the series ending and was completely satisfied with the project. He had completely put the Geass on all the viewers according to him. After 10 years though we had put the Geass back on the crew, which compelled him to write this script according to Okouchi-san. Thus we received this movie that gave us the moment when Lelouch comes back and then leaves us empty all over again. The film leaves the door wide open for all kinds of interpretation.

Taniguchi-san would later go on to say that there is more Code Geass and more of Lelouch coming in a new series. Now, what that series could be nobody knows but Taniguchi and Okouchi. Okouchi-san even directed questions about the future of Code Geass to Taniguchi-san. What they know for sure is that they are grateful for the fans’ continued support of the show. They also hope that newcomers to the franchise will start from the beginning and then support the new project along with everyone else. We’ll have to wait for more information much like the fans.

(Left to Right) Taniguchi, Kimura, Yukana, Okouchi


Stream or download the full Press Conference on our Podcast.

Code Geass Press Conference At Anime NYC 2019-APP026

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