Anime Senpai Sophomore Season


Hello, everyone so we hit Anime Senpai up for its second year or what they call is their sophomore season. It was hosted in Collinsville, Illinois at the Gateway Convention Center Oct. 11-13. A smaller con, inexpensive, with great voice acting guests, and a great atmosphere!!

We reported on the event and really had to get a hold of the guests. Voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Micah Solusod, Jon Bailey, Kowai Kawaii Cosplay, Ask Cosplay-Senpai, and DJ Aazera. We enjoyed the panels of the voice actors and most of their supplies sold out on the second day. The lines were extra long on Friday and Saturday. Most people waited for two hours unless they bought a VIP guest ticket. The wait was well worth it though as the guest took free pictures with a print purchase. Sunday was much more somber than most other smaller cons.

The panels were exciting and fun. A lot of diversity and range on the panels are always great. The gaming room was jumping all weekend. Pokemon, fighting games, DDR, and more. The dealer room was everything that you’d expect. Model figures, pillows, candy/snack table, weapons booth, t-shirts, and more. Overall, all the great things you love and if you haven’t grabbed anything yet.

We are definitely excited for next year or what they’re calling their Junior Year. I can’t wait to hear what announcements they have for next year. We’ll be in touch with them and keep the updates posted for everyone. Be on the lookout we’ll have videos coming soon on our sister channel Express Team Wave or E.T.W. YouTube.

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