Tokyo Ghoul S Review


You guys know how I feel about Tokyo Ghoul as an anime. I wrote a big-time review of the series. People will say I ripped the series a new one, so be it then. Fortunately, I was completely out of the mindset of the anime when going to attend this film. Tokyo Ghoul S the movie dropped across the U.S. in a limited run by Funimation Films Sept 16th.


First, the film purely gets its source material from the anime or manga. The writing credits come from Sui Ishida the original creator of the Tokyo Ghoul series. Then they pair a screenplay writer with him in the way of Chuji Mikasano. The writing leads to an even more dramatic take on the film. This is not for your faint of heart or young ones. 

The directors of the film are Kazuhiko Hiramaki and Takuya Kawasaki. They both seem new to the field of directing as we couldn’t find a ton of work from them. It seems the work they did on this film will put them on the map though afterward.

Maika Yamamoto as Touka Kirishima (Left) & Masataka Kubota as Kaneki Ken (Right)

The one thing that sticks out about this film is the casting. They have an impeccable cast of vets and newbies. Masataka Kubota as Kaneki Ken reprising his role is great. He’s a great seasoned actor and can’t be replaced for the movie role. Maika Yamamoto as Touka Kirishima takes over this role. She’s very good at this big-time role next to Kubota-san. Her other big role was in the live-action adaptation of Assassination Classroom as Kaede Kayano.

Shota Matsuda

Now, two actors that we have to spotlight and mention happen to be two of our fave male actors in Japanese entertainment. In particular, this sequel of the movie franchise introduces us to, “The Gourmet.” Most people will know him also as Tsukiyama Shu in the film. His appearance greatly alters the course of the series so his casting was very important. Someone that was very dramatic, could say french lines and be eccentric was needed. Shota Matsuda got the role, he’s an outstanding actor. He’s been nominated four times, winning three awards for being new talent or newcomer to acting, in 2008 and 2009. We loved him in the live-action television series of Boys Over Flowers. In this role, as Soujiro Nishikado, he was part of the F4 group of wealthy and sexy guys in high school. A great live-action show that spawned a second season and finally a movie to end the live-action adaptation. Nishikado also appeared in another favorite mini-series of our Regatta. We’re stoked to see him in Toyko Ghoul S.

Shun’ya Shiraishi


Our next great male we met as part of the Kamen Rider series. He is Kamen Rider Wizard, the mage Kamen Rider, Haruto Souma. The actor is Shun’ya Shiraishi, which made Kamen Rider Wizard a very popular series spanning multiple movies and spinoffs outside of his television series. In Tokyo Ghoul S, he is reprising his role as the school teacher Ghoul, Nishiki. His performance is great as usual in this film and people will look forward to more in the next installment. 



Overall, the film is so much of the anime and manga. The issue with the film is it’s almost taking itself too serious. It seems like the director is brooding over the film with melancholy and drama. I wish there were more light tone scenes in the film. It comes off as strictly a horror type film with some slice of life elements.


We enjoyed the CG and the Ghoul effects greatly. Very typical of a Japanese live-action film, but surprised it came off so well. We’re not sure if we’d continue support of the live-action franchise. The dramatic horror ness of the film and our story issues of Tokyo Ghoul overall would keep us away. We’d still grab tea from Anteiku though!


We at Anime Pad give Tokyo Ghoul S




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