Rodz Media, Inc. to Screen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

There is a ton of hype and news on Final Fantasy VII and the eventual remake or remastering of the game. Soon all of those fans from the ’90s will merge with new fans on PS4 or possibly PS5. We played the game when it first came out and we’re big fans of the franchise as a whole.

Since there’s a lot of noise about Final Fantasy VII we decided to reach out to our parent company Rodz Media, Inc. and hold a screening for the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on Sept. 27th. Rodz Media, Inc. is presenting the movie in our local area free to the community. There will be fun, games, and prizes.

This animated CG movie continues the story of the game two years later. The movie was groundbreaking when it was released in 2005. Now with complete Blu-ray version fans can enjoy the movie to its fullest. We’re expecting hundreds of fans and moviegoers.

For tickets see here!!


Thanks to our partners: Rodz Media, Inc., STLCC, Swank Motion Pictures, Inc., ©Sony Pictures Entertainment, PepsiCo., and the Genshiken Anime Club.

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