“Eyeshield 21,” Writer Heads to Anime NYC with New Anime and Manga!



Dr. Stone writer, Riichiro Inagaki, and Boichi the artist for the manga are headed to Anime NYC 2019. Thus far, Dr. Stone, the shonen anime and manga that is full of science is taking the shonen genre in new directions. It’s so great to have an anime and manga that’s different.

The story is about high school scientist Senku that awakens after being turned into stone along with the rest of humanity after over 3,000 years. What has happened to the world after this long? Is anyone else free like him? What caused this phenomenon in the first place? Senku alone has the ability and brains to bring civilization back to its rightful place. It’s such a smart, witty, show and we love it here at Anime Pad. Nothing but high marks for this anime.


What we didn’t know was that Inagaki-San is also the creator of Eyeshield 21. Remember that great sports anime and manga about Japanese American Football? Yeah, that one about the Deimon Devil-Bats team. It’s on our list of the top ten sports anime in history. We would absolutely love to sit down with the duo about Dr. Stone but also Eyeshield 21!! You can catch both shows on Crunchyroll.


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