Danmachi: “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Arrow of the Orion Movie Review


Danmachi The Movie: Arrow of the Orion, hit theaters July 23rd for a one night showing. Fathom Events, Sentai Filmworks, and MAP presented the film in English subtitles. The movie had perfect timing as it came out to pair with the simulcast of season two of the anime series.

The anime series is the story about a protagonist Bell Cranel who becomes an adventurer. He also hopes to fall in love with beautiful women based on the stories his grandfather taught him. These stories would inspire him while growing up as a small boy. Now, finally on his own in the great city Orario, he can do just that. He joins the Hestia Familia and is the first child for the goddess Hestia. This starts the great series.


Fujino Omori decided to write an original script and story for this movie. The story is independent of the anime series with only the characters and Orario being the same from the show. When the movie was announced and the director was chosen they were shocked that Omori-San immediately came and wrote the story and script. This is his sole work and his flagship title, along with the spin-off. 

Katsushi Sakurabi is the director of the film. A director that has had his hands on many different anime shows and movies. He’s most known for Alice & Zouroku, Flying Witch, and Lunar Legend Tsukihime. J. C. Staff is one of the really good animation studios along with help from SoftBank Creative that worked on the film.

Maaya Sakamoto

The same voice actors from the series reprise their role in this film. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Bell Cranel, Inori Minase as Hestia and many more. The newcomer Maaya Sakamoto portrays our newly introduced goddess Artemis. Sakamoto has been in over 200 roles most known as Ms. Tamayo in “Demon Slayer”, Ciel Phantomhive in “Black Butler”, Merlin in “The Seven Deadly Sins”, Crona in “Soul Eater”, Administrator in “Sword Art Online: Alicization” and to go wayyyy back Hitomi Kanzaki from “The Vision of Escaflowne.”


The story was really great. Viewers learned more about this world and Orario more than in the anime series. We learned that there is more surrounding towns and villages outside of Orario. We see temples and other ruins and monsters roam freely instead of being stuck in the dungeons.

The introduction of Artemis makes me frightened for the show going forward. We mostly only see the children of the gods being able to have power and strength. They give instructions and stay at the base for the most part. Most of the time we hear that since the gods descended from Heaven most of their abilities are sealed. It seems that’s not completely true. 


Artemis’ familia is destroyed on a quest outside of Orario. She comes back to Orario to recruit the Hermes familia and her destiny hero. The hero just happens to be Bell-Kun and now his party along with the Hestia, Artemis, and the Hermes familia must trackback to destroy the monster.


Hestia hasn’t seen Artemis in so long but something seems off about her. Artemis also has a magical spear that she gives Bell on this quest. Things seem to be going okay on the quest until they start encountering the monster’s minions. The group quickly realizes that they may have bargained for more than they could handle. We also realize some of the gods were fighters and some weren’t. We see this in the difference between Artemis and Hestia who were best friends in Heaven.

Why is Artemis getting paler and more tired as they advance on the monster? Nobody really knows until they encounter the monster and see another Artemis in the center of the monster’s belly. Artemis finally informs the others that the monster absorbed her when she tried to allow her children to escape. Her powers allowed her to copy herself and summon a sacred weapon from Heaven. It was the last thing she could do before being absorbed.


Why did the monster absorb her though and what is this giant light forming over the world and especially Orario. How will the group free Artemis and defeat this monster? How much time do they really have? Why is Bell the chosen one? All of these questions are answered by the end of the movie.

The movie’s art and animation are top-notch. The animation production uses just enough CG to get by and not a cent more. They blend the elements very well overall in the entire movie. The many discoveries and backstories that we discover bring up more questions for the shows over-arcing mysteries. We see Bell’s maturity rise to the occasion and he lives up to his grandpa’s teachings.

Get the Blu-Ray when it comes out soon, it’s available for pre-order now on Sentai Filmworks. Hopefully, it hits Crunchyroll for streaming too.

We give Danmachi: “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Arrow of the Orion

Five Stars

Check out the video below for fan reactions and more.


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