Gundam Jumps Into the Mobile Game Arena for North America


One of the first to report on this was Lauren Orsini of Gundam the hit anime show and model building hobby are combining both of those forms in a mobile game. We’ve seen plenty of Gundam animes seeing as we’re big fans of the franchise. We’ve even put together a couple of Gunpla Gundam models ourselves. We’ve played all the Gundam games on consoles. Now we get a mobile game in North America. 


The new wave of gaming is mobile gaming and without handhelds anymore the one thing people always have with them is their cellphone. Bandai Namco decided to jump into the arena of mobile gaming with, “Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare.” You can build, customize and battle Gundams much like the PS4 version “Gundam Breaker” that came out last year.

This will be the first of its kind in North America the game is to be released August 21st. For now, in the app stores, they’re taking pre-registration for the game. Pre-order now and then while you’re waiting on the game to come out watch the anime Gundam Build Divers on Crunchyroll to get an idea of the game.

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