Put Your Money Where Your Anime Is POC!!

Superalloy Darkshine aka Blackluster

Yesterday, Comicbook.com  posted an article about the One-Punch Man anime. One-Punch is the superhero anime that is full of satire and makes fun of the superhero genre as a whole. In this second season, a lot of fans of the show are upset by the Person of Color(POC) character Blackluster. He’s a big muscular character, African-American, shiny as if to have oily skin, with big eyes, and the typical big lips.

The show includes many stereotypes from all over the world. Many of them have appeared in anime over the generations. There are overly strong and muscular super gay characters, bald characters, Japanese Yankee, short overly aggressive females, sister complex, and many more comical types.

Puri-Puri Prisoner


Features such as these on POC characters have been seen over and over again in anime. Lately, in the last 10-15 years, we have seen very different and cool POC characters. When this latest episode aired fans of the show voiced their opinions on social media. It started up the conversation about respecting POC cultures with better representation. One fact though is Blackluster’s facial characteristics have nothing to do with the character besides his race.


Clearly, if they are manga and anime fans they should put their money where their mouths are. The company Noir Caesar Entertainment owned by African-American NBA player Johnny O’Bryant III is growing. They have plenty of manga titles with a huge diversified portfolio of characters.  Two years ago they started a Kickstarter to support their first anime. Unfortunately, it wasn’t successful and they had to move on to the project.

Noir Caesar Entertainment

Here at Anime Pad, we were a big supporter with Noir Caesar. We backed the Kickstarter and had an interview with owner Johnny O’Bryant III. You can’t make people change anime that really isn’t made for African-Americans from over six thousand miles away. Only people of POC can change anime into their favor. Support POC anime creators and companies with the dollars.

Oh and here’s a Yugioh card with a character of the same name.


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