Okko’s Inn: Movie Review




Okko’s Inn released in theaters April 22-23 by Fathom Events across the U.S. Ticket goers could see the film in both English dub and Japanese subtitles. The film is about a young girl Okko who’s involved in a car accident along with her parents. She’s the lone survivor of the incident and now she must live with her grandmother who owns and runs a Japanese style inn. Okko gets there and learns that there are ghost in the town, while slightly mischievous are there to help people. The ghosts usher her to take control of her life by persuading her to learn to be an innkeeper.

Madhouse has raised from the dead lately the forgotten animation production studio is behind the film. GKIDS and GAGA produced the film in Japan. Director Kitaro Kosaka has been directing since 1999, but this is his biggest project as a director. Most of his credits come from being in the animation department on big films. Most of them being the Studio Ghibli great catalog. Films such as Ponyo, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Akira are under his belt.

Hiroko Reijo and Asami wrote the novel, which the film gets its story. This is their biggest hit thus far in their careers. The main character Seki Oriko (Okko) is voiced by actress Seiran Kobayashi. The one hour and 34-minute film was a hit in Japan is a 2019 Nominee for Best Animation Film from the Awards of the Japanese Academy.

When first looking at the film it’s not the most beautiful art that you’ve ever seen. It’s almost simple in a way, but it works for a film that’s based on an elementary child. Yet, the story and animation hint and remind you of all the great Ghibli movies. I was certainly swept up in the movie, with the great story, animation, and emotions. The film produced laughs, smiles, and cries from me and the other movie goers. For a film that was close to two hours, the pacing was amazing. In the middle of the story, you start to really get cozy and settle into the storytelling.

We at Anime Pad are very pleased with the film and recommend it to everyone. We give Okko’s Inn a five out of five.

Five Stars


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