Trunks, Sanji, & Eric Vale at ACEN!

Eric Vale
Eric Vale

This announcement hits home very personally. It’s because this voice actor voices two of my favorite characters in all of anime. Trunks from the Dragon Ball franchise and Sanji from One Piece. In Eric Vale’s 230 plus voice acting roles he has played a number of key characters from awesome animes. Vale is one of the original voice actors that started when Funimation was just beginning.   He has evolved his career now to include ADR Directing and Script writing.  I’m pleased to announce he will be attending Anime Central 2019. Vale will reprise his role of Yuki in the reboot of Fruits Basket. Let’s not forget his roles as: Kymblee in Fullmetal Alchemist, America and Canada in Hetalia, and most recently Nishiki in Tokyo Ghoul. 

You can also hear him on radio and TV as the voice of the Dallas Stars and Dave & Busters.  He also wrote and produced the feature film Chariot. He’s written screenplays as well as scripted over 50 anime programs and he’s a full-on, for reals published writer. Eric has also directed for film and stage. I look forward to meeting him and talking about anime and his roles.

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