Another Dino Theme For Super Sentai?


The new season of Super Sentai is upon us and the theme has been announced for the new season. The new season is called Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger and guess what it’s another Dino theme. Usually, this is a very exciting time for any Toku Ota. Toku Ota is short for a Tokusatsu Otaku in Japanese. This is a person that’s heavily into the drama shows of fictional transformation characters and teams. This is not a great announcement to me thus far.

This bothers me so much, how many times can we reinvent the dino theme? Now as a grown adult I understand the show is marketed towards kids. Therefore the toys, weapons, and theme need to be something a child loves. Lately, the show has been bringing us some great seasons getting away from the Dino theme. They’re still able to bring great toys and items without killing the creativity of the show. They did do the ninja theme again too now that I think about it.

The theme of dinosaurs is the most played out motif of the Super Sentai. This season will be the fourth dinosaur theme. While the season hasn’t started and it’s still way to early to judge it. These Knight/Dinosaur Rangers really must bring it this season. What can they do differently than the previous dinosaur themes that are classics did not do? While I will watch the season, I’m really holding my judgment back of this season.

Check out a promo down below provided by TV-Nihon

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