Alita: Battle Angel Is a Little Lit!!


Alita: Battle Angel hit theaters February 14, 2019 and it has become quite the sensation. The action adventure romance story is directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis, and Robert Rodriguez. The movie is based off the graphic novel series “Gunnm” by Yukito Kishiro.



The manga Gunnm spawned an anime series and an animated movie that hit America in the 90’s. It was part of the wave of great 90’s anime that you had to find at your nearest Blockbuster. The anime was called Battle Angel and the main character a bio-android named Gally was switched to Alita.

I vaguely remembered this anime when the announcement of this movie came out. Quickly, I denounced this movie as being a horrible idea. Especially, when we have a slew of okay to bad anime adaptation live action movies. I’m still arguing with people on Ghost in the Shell being an okay movie. The Battle Angel was a great anime though and I believe it played on Sci-fi Channel a few times.


This live-action reboot is superb. It’s an honorable movie that pays respect to the manga and anime. It has some slight differences from the anime and manga. These differences help the story move better in a live-action movie though. I did no extra research before seeing the film and stayed away from reviews. Finally, on a whim I jumped up to go see it and here I am. Impressed

The CG was great in this movie, but with Cameron on this project I knew that already. The acting was good, and believable. Christoph Waltz is good in this one too, but he’s great in everything. A movie directed by Robert Rodriguez will always have some Latin love in it and this movie isn’t different from that. It took me a minute to get used to Rosa Salazar as Alita. The CG and big anime eyes are a huge deal in this movie. I understand that it pays homage to anime/manga. How does it translate in a live-action film though? Well, it worked and makes this movie different and a breath of fresh air in Hollywood.

Rodriguez continues to show us that he knows how to direct robot/mechanical action. I loved the battle sequences in the movie. Even the adventure type battle scenes in which case Alita is on skates going through the town. Rodriguez is still great at this and I believe this film will really put him on the map for future great works. It’s good for the teens and adults.


The element of romance in the film is something I thought I could predict. For a while I did, and the writers turned me into a dummy. The romance aspect alone could probably be a movie by itself. That says a lot for this film. We are shown every aspect of love possible and it’s nice. Number one movie at the box office and currently on the rise from $140 million worldwide; Alita: Battle Angel hits big!!


We give Alita: Battle Angel

Five Stars



While enjoying this movie the entire time I wanted to see the main villain’s face, Nova. He’s up in the great technological city Salem above the clouds in the sky. They show him a few times later in the film, yet he wears this mask with built in glasses or shades. Then I wanted to know who’s playing this guy and I didn’t recognize his voice because he talks through other people. Finally, right at the end he takes off his mask and it’s freaking Edward Norton. Whom I really love as an actor and I hope we get him in the possible sequel.

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