Paint Party In NYC Anime Style!!



Anime NYC, Crypton, and Clutter sponsored the first NYC paint party for O-MIKU on Saturday, Feb. 16th. It brought out fans of all ages, cosplayers, and anime otakus. The Clutter store held two sessions for painters to buy tickets and enjoy the festivities. Anime Pad stopped in to see how the event was doing.


Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid software voicebank, a 16-year-old virtual idol, that has performed at many concerts as an animated projection. Since her creation and release in 2007 she has become a Japanese pop-culture icon. She sells out concerts and sales millions in merchandise. Typically, Miku has two long turquoise twin-tails, yet she has had other variations.

Fans were treated to the O-Miku doll to paint with many colors of paint. There was music, snacks and lunch for all. A great atmosphere and great time with anime fans alike.


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