Anime Pad is Headed to Anime Saint Louis


Hey, everyone we’re glad to announce that we will attend Anime Saint Louis (ASTL) again this year. We’re excited and pumped every year for ASTL. ASTL is the biggest anime convention in Saint Louis and it grows every year. As it continues to get bigger and bigger it’s still run by fans for fans. It continues to bring that great con love along with that fan love. Nothing wrong with corporate run cons in the least bit. Sometimes they can make you feel like they forgot about the fans. ASTL is one that’s fully moving in the right direction.


This year they’re bringing back some fan favorites and some new faces to the convention. Caleb Hyles makes his return the whimsical, songster. He sings some of the best songs from Disney, Anime, Broadway and more. Guest cosplayers are on the table again. Phil Mizuno the worldwide cosplayer makes his return the realistic cosplayer that brings some of your favorite characters to life. Every detail is covered in his cosplays. Joining him is a new face to ASTL in CutiePieSensei. The blerd, model, designer, custom makes cosplays. Making the perfect cosplay but bringing added custom elements for your viewing. We personally can’t wait to possibly get an interview from her.


ASTL always brings clothing lines in that are j-pop apparel or anime inspired. We’re mostly excited here to see BiBisama is on the list. They’re a great clothing line with apparel that is a mix of j-pop street style and anime. We’ve seen them at many of the cons across the US. We especially love their t-shirts. The other clothing lines are Enchanted Dream Wear, Hard Decora and more.


Voice Actors on the guest list so far include Richard Epcar who for us played Batou from Ghost in the Shell. Cynthia Cranz is our best girl voice actor as the voice of Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho and Chi Chi from Dragon Ball Z. Then we follow that up with her Cranz’s friend in the business Wendy Powell. Powell is known for being Envy in Fullmetal Alchemist, Mukuro in Yu Yu Hakusho, and Popuko in Pop Team Epic. There’s more guest and we hop that they continue to add even more until the time for the con.

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Get your tickets now Anime Saint Louis is May 3-5. We’ll be there to see all the wonder fans and even have our own cosplayer with us!! Can’t wait!

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