Attack on Titan Season 3 Continues!!


The one thing that I’ve learned about Attack on Titan now is that they don’t mess around with the first episode of a new season. Every new season or new second half of a season they bring the noise that first episode. Isayama, Hajime the creator and Wit Studio continues to use heavy money on the animation for the first episode. It’s time to take back the town where Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are from and seal the holes!!

Wit Studio is already known for great action animation scenes and crazy close-up angles on characters. They make sure to suck you in for the entire season based off that first episode. If you’re already watching Attack on Titan, you know that every episode isn’t action packed. Some episodes don’t have action at all, because of the need to explain so much story. Well the second half of season three of Attack on Titan isn’t any different. I’m guessing that the show will be back in April 2019, since announcements say Spring of 2019. Check out the trailer released by Funimation!!



April 28th is the confirmed date for Part Two!!

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