Karbowski Bringing “Black Star” to Anime Central 2019!

Brittney Karbowski
Brittney Karbowski ©Anime Central

Anime Central has announced that it will have the great American Voice Actor, Brittney Karbowski at this year’s event.

Brittney Karbowski began voice acting right out of high school at ADV Films.  She played Fuko in Gilgamesh, Mone in Yumeria, Himeko in Pani Poni Dash, Aoba in Jinki Extend ,and Ayu in Kanon.

In 2007, she began working for Funimation playing Mai in My Santa. Shortly after she played Apis in One Piece , Anri in Sasami: Magical Girls Club, Black Star in Soul Eater, Pride in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ryou in Clannad, Yuri in AngelBeats, Chizuru in Hakuoki, Mikoto in A Certain Magical Index, Wendy In Fairytale, Hitch in Attack on Titan and Camie in My Hero Academia!

camie my hero acadamia

Karbowski has portrayed a ton of voice roles over 200 of them to date. My top favorite roles that she has played are Yamada, Camie and Black Star. Mostly Black Star because of all of his antics in the show Soul Eater. I loved Black Star the loud ninja assassin of death. If you’re in to some ecchi you’d probably enjoy her role in B Gata H Kei. She portrays the main character Yamada. The sexually frustrated teen virgin that wants to get rid of her virginity. Another classic she was in was Kiba, 2008, she plays the female protagonist Roya. Kiba is the series where two friends get transported into a fantasy realm where humans can bring gods and beasts into existence.

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