Anime Community In Uproar with Sexual Assault Claims!


There has been a ton of news and social trends breaking out about Vic Mignogna. Mignogna is the famed voice actor of Edward Elric from both, Fullmetal Alchemist and the reboot Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He also films his own Star Trek show with the blessing of CBS. The show is called Star Trek Continues and is so canon to the original show. The growing trend that he has been inappropriate to almost sexual assaulting con attendees for years has resurfaced. He’s labeled as the R. Kelly of the Anime Community.

Vic Mignogna

On twitter the hashtag #kickVic is loaded and growing with more ammunition. Many con attendees are expressing unwanted advances and touches from Mignogna. Con staffers sharing their stories of working with Mignogna and his alleged, “shitty diva attitude.” The allegations stem back many years. Now many people are rally together to get him out of the anime community. It has even brought on an allegation of rape committed by voice actor Todd Haberkorn. Haberkorn happens to work on Mignogna’s Star Trek Continues too.

Now conventions are being contacted and emailed to remove some of these stars. It actually has begun to happen with a few cons removing the voice actors. It comes at a time when Mignogna just reprised his role as Broly in the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Haberkorn was just announced to headline Anime NYC as a guest as this is the high time for conventions to start.

Todd Haberkorn

Anime News Network just wrote a wonderful investigative article by Lynzee Loveridge on the findings of allegations against Mignogna. See it here. Media people are really shaken up about these findings. We at Anime Pad have interacted with and talked with Mignogna many of times. We’ve seen him talk with guest exclusively, give hugs and kisses. Fans seemed to enjoy him and his time and we never saw anything different. That might be because we are the media and being around people stay on their best behavior.



We don’t want to sit here and point fingers and try to disclaim any accusations from victims. We just want the truth, the facts and nothing but the truth. We want to heal our anime community. We want to help victims that need help and who might need a voice. Only time will tell, but hopefully there will be a swift resolution.


Story Updated: 2-7-19

Announced a few days ago, because of sexual assault allegations against Mignogna. He will no longer work on Rooster Teeth’s platform. Rooster Teeth is the company behind the hit show RWBY, which the voice actor had a recurring role. Soon following that decision Funimation announced that are putting Mignogna on a leave from any shows under Funimation. The voice actor had a recurring role on the Dragon Ball series, portraying the role of Broly. On Morose Mononokean I Mignogna had a role that continued into the second season. Morose Mononokean II has produced four episodes before the decision to replace the voice actor came around.

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