Fate/Grand Order Anime and Movie In the Works!!


An U.S. website appeared today by Aniplex of America for two new anime projects. Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia anime series and an animated motion picture. The anime series is listed as coming in 2019 with the motion picture coming soon. Fate/Grand Order is based off the light novels by TYPE-MOON. The mobile game by the same name or Fate GO for short has been out for two years now and is bigger than ever worldwide with over 3 million downloads in the U.S. alone.

The last we heard of Fate/Grand Order in an anime series was the first animation special First Order. Which introduced us to the future of the Fate series and the newly hybrid servant Mash. Mash brings with her a new class of Servant with the class or role of Shielder. She’s very low in attack ability initially but she makes up for it in protection or shielding of a Master. First Order can still be seen streaming on Crunchyroll.


The new anime series will have Clover Works behind the production and the original story is done by Kinoko Nasu/TYPE-MOON. Directing the series is Toshifumi Akai with Lead Character Designer Takashi Takeuchi. Now the motion picture has less information announced as of now, but the production will be done by Production I.G. That’s usually a go big or go home statement when Production I.G is behind your animation. Everything else is about the same as the new series except there isn’t a director listed yet. That usually means they want to see how well received the series goes before moving forward with the same director or someone different.

I’m excited to get some more anime from this storyline of Fate/Grand Order. I like the servant Mash and want to know more and more about the character. Stay tuned for more news updates on this and for now check out the trailer below for the new series.


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