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Studio TRIGGER to Host Panels, Autograph Sessions, and Special Merchandise


Who doesn’t love Studio Trigger? They are one of the hottest studios in the last seven years. You know a project that they are apart of just by looking at the art and animation. I’m excited and hopeful to speak to Shigeto Koyama who worked on the wonderful anime “Heroman.” Heroman is the anime that was written and inspired by Stan Lee. It’s one of the greats in the line of Stan Lee animes.

LeftField Media announced that the second annual Anime NYC convention, a massive celebration of anime and Japanese culture in the Javits Center in New York City from November 16-18, will present three guests from the famed Studio TRIGGER – Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama, and Mayumi Shintani. The three renowned special guests will be featured in two panel discussions over the course of the weekend at the Javits Center, with admission included for all Anime NYC attendees, in addition to special fan autograph sessions and exclusive collaboration merchandise. Tickets are available at with general admission tickets priced from $40-65.

Studio TRIGGER is regarded as one of the most stylish and creative animation studios in Japan, with its titles including Kill la Kill, Space Patrol Luluco, Kiznaiver, Little Witch Academia, Inferno Cop, and DARLING in the FRANXX. TRIGGER’s SSSS.GRIDMAN is currently on air, and its highly anticipated Promare is debuting next year.

SSS Gridman




“I and the Anime NYC team couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Studio TRIGGER to Anime NYC,” said Peter Tatara, Anime NYC’s founder. “TRIGGER’s works have a unique style and swagger that have won them fans around the globe, and we’re very excited for them to meet all their fans in New York and showcase what’s next for the very first time!”






Wakabayashi and Koyama are veterans of Japan’s animation industry, having worked on many iconic projects throughout their prolific careers. Wakabayashi has served as director or producer on titles including Diebuster, Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Space Patrol Luluco, and DARLING in the FRANXX, and Koyama is most known as a designer and director whose work includes Heroman, Star Driver, Eureka Seven, Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill, Cassette Girl, Space Patrol Luluco, and DARLING in the FRANXX. The pair will offer fans exclusive details on their current and upcoming projects with Studio TRIGGER. Joining them onstage is actress Mayumi Shintani, who is an esteemed member of the theatre group Nylon 100°c. Shintani has lent her voice to many popular Japanese animation series including His and Her Circumstances, FLCL, Kill la Kill, Space Patrol Luluco, and SSSS.GRIDMAN. All three will be participating in the following panels:


  • TRIGGER presents Promare and SSSS.GRIDMAN – November 17 – 6 PM – Panel Room 1
    • Stop by Studio TRIGGER’s panel to get insights and exclusive information about TRIGGER’s two newest shows, Promare and SSSS.GRIDMAN!
  • Live drawing and Q&A with Studio TRIGGER – November 18 – 12 PM – Panel Room 1
  • Spend time with TRIGGER and an amazing live drawing and expansive Q&A.



In addition to these panels, Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama, and Mayumi Shintani will host multiple autograph sessions with fans over the weekend.


Finally, Anime NYC will present a special Studio TRIGGER collaboration shirt – featuring an original design created by Promare’s character designer Shigeto Koyama. This shirt is only available at Anime NYC and can be pre-ordered now for $30 online.

Studio Trigger shirt
Anime NYC and Studio TRIGGER Collaboration Shirt by Shigeto Koyama ©LeftField Media


More information about Hiromi Wakabayashi, Shigeto Koyama, and Mayumi Shintani is available here. These Studio TRIGGER events are the latest high-profile features added at Anime NYC, which also includes highlights such as Anisong World Matsuri at Hammerstein Ballroom, the Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel] Special Event featuring Aimer, the Gunpla Builders World Cup, the Natsume Yujin-cho Movie U.S. Premiere, and Gundam NT Preview Event. Anime NYC is New York City’s largest dedicated anime event, and it continues to grow after an overwhelming response from over 20,000 fans of anime, manga, and Japanese culture who traveled from 38 states and 10 countries to attend the inaugural convention in 2017.

Tickets for all Anime NYC events are available at

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