Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final Movie Review


Oh, wow if you love Kamen Rider this may be a movie at the top of the heap. I would pay good money to see this in a theater near me. This movie takes place between the ending of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and the middle of Kamen Rider Build. It’s mostly their movie bringing both Riders together along with their respective crews. This happens because of a rouge scientist from Build’s world that builds a machine that can travel to parallel worlds or Earths. It also involves other past Heisei Riders in a great story and turn of events.


The movie came out in Japan to theaters in December of 2017. As usual it has been a while since it’s release. In other countries it’s typical to not see a film such as this for quite some time. The film is directed by Kazuya Kamihoriuchi, who was a newcomer to the world of Kamen Rider in 2017. After directing a Kamen Rider Ghost movie spin-off he directed episodes of Ex-Aid and then episodes of Build. Now, with the direction of this movie you can solidify Kamihoriuchi as a veteran of Kamen Rider.

The movie was written by Yuya Takahashi and Shogo Muto. Takahasi wrote for the Ex-Aid series and Muto is writting for the Build series. Takahashi is the more accomplished writer with more Kamen Rider projects and then big time Lupin III projects. It’s the reason why Kamen Rider Ex-Aid was so well written. Muto is new to Kamen Rider and has less projects under his belt. Crows and Crows Zero a manga, turned television show, turned movie is his biggest past work. These two put together a masterpiece of a script and story for Heisei Generations.


Heisei Generations is a well driven movie with the music, story, direction, and cinematography. A hour and thirty-one minutes flew by and I was engrossed in the film for every bit of it including the ending credits. There’s so much development in the characters both new and old that just gives this generation of Riders an untouchable feeling. I can’t wait for the next generation of Riders and Heisei will always be dear to my heart.

We give it:

Five Stars

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