Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final Movie


The ending of Kamen Rider Build is upon the horizon. Seems like one or two more episodes and then a Build movie. If you’re up to date with current news, after the Build series comes the next Rider Zi-O. Everything that we are hearing he will be a rider of Time. Pictures of his design make him out to be a watch or clock, giving off the reference of being able to control time or a time travel motif.

It’s the end of a generation though when Zi-O’s series makes it’s debut. Just as Kamen Rider Decade appeared and changed the era, it’s Zi-O that will lead us into the newest era. To honor our old era Kamen Riders the Heisei Generations Movie was made. We have our copy of the movie and are excited to watch and review. Like always TV-Nihon has our backs.

Here’s the latest trailer:



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