Updates On DragonBall Tour



Earlier we wrote an article about the Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018. At the time they just had a vague website with a vague trailer. Based off the information I surmised that Dragon Ball would have their own booth/ pop-up shop to promote toys, manga, anime, games, and especially the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super movie.

I was SUPER correct.


At Anime Central, held May 18-20 we got more information from Tamashii Nations and Bandai booths. It is on a much greater scale than a regular booth and pop-up shop. Never done before in Dragon Ball’s history to have their own setup. The seven stops were a mystery too. We knew one would be San Diego Comic-con and the other would be New York Comic-con. Couldn’t quite figure out the rest.


Well, they’ve updated the website and confirmed most of the stops, but one and released a second trailer. The four other confirmed stops are: Washington D.C. Otakon, Toronto FAN EXPO Canada, Portland Rose City Comic Con, Dallas Fan Days.

If you are at one of the con stops you’ll get a really sweet treat about all things Dragon Ball. Including being able to walk on the original tournament stage from Dragon Ball. Check their site for more or keep coming back here for all the great news!!



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