Tokyo Ghoul. Trash or Not?


I was never into the Tokyo Ghoul show. I read a synopsis once and pushed it to the side immediately. But at all the cons and in passing people loved the show and manga I guess. Many wearing the mask of Kaneki the anti-hero of the show. So, it ran two seasons then a prequel  and the latest season is just airing now, Ghoul:re. You can find it mostly everywhere, preferably a paying site like Crunchyroll. So, with this knowledge of the new season coming out I decided to check the first two seasons out.

I sat home for two to three days and bull rushed through Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Root A. I concluded that this show is very pitiful. I’m not sure why people even like the show. Most of the characters die and not one character can you overtly root for as a true hero or great character. I mean the show started off well and just went to trash quickly.


There are multiple factions in the show. You have the good ghouls of the 20th district along with our main character or Anteiku Ghouls. Then you have the random Ghouls of the 20th that do their own things, that must be checked from time to time. You have the 11th district that turns out will become the big gang of ghouls, Aogiri Tree. They’re the gorilla organization that wants the best ghouls to join and to take out CCG. CCG is the Commission of Counter Ghoul the government organization that investigate ghoul activity and hunt and capture/kill those needing it.


Based on this information I thought okay our half ghoul hero will bridge the gap between these groups. Until I find out that nobody is on the right side. Lol. The CCG just kill ghouls at will and take the ghouls’ Kagune (special unique weapon). Then the CCG make their version of the Kagune which is the Quinque. Whether you’re a good ghoul of bad one if they choose your dead. The leader of Anteiku is the biggest baldest killer of all of them, even though his back story is indeed strategic. Then our hero thinks that he should be a bad guy to get stronger. What happened to just training?? Lol, so he’s now killing and eating humans and other ghouls to get stronger.


Even the sort of love interest or sisters that our hero acquires after having no family is wasted. There’s zero development out of it after the first season. Like absolute zero, yet the lady friend and the new sister can’t help looking for him. Just to look at him though, no words or conversation. I guess she’s a single mom now though. So, can there be any more confusion to her role in the show? Except the last scene in the second season, but besides that what’s left for this new season?

That completely threw my ideas out the window and led me to the point of, “What’s the point of this show?” I mean how does this end? Everyone dying except for a few and they start over? So, the second season is left with a huge cliff hanger. There are some key people missing in the end and some other developments that happen. Just for the sake of a conclusion I’ll start the new season, to see if this is really trash or I jumped to conclusions.

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