Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple Movie Review


Bungo Stray Dogs is about Atsushi Nakajima an orphan that is clueless to what’s inside of him. He is thrown out of the orphanage on the streets. He then saves a guy trying to commit suicide, leading to his world changing forever. This show is a thriller, detective, superpower show. I call it My Hero Academia for adults. It ran for two seasons and I watched it on Crunchyroll.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple will show in select theaters May 2, 5 & 6. Titled as all-new and never-before-seen, original story that continues the anime. The anime series is directed by Takuya Igarashi who has directed other great shows such as: Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, and Sailor Moon Super S: Ami’s First Love. Writing credits go to Kafka Asagiri for the anime and original creator of the manga. Yoji Enokido is also credited as a writer on the project along with the manga’s illustrator Sango Harukawa. The production is done by Studio Bones.

Armed Detective Agency

First off per usual with any release of an anime movie they usually give you some extra content before the film. Like a quick interview from some of the voice actors of the film. That’s certainly what we received with this showing too. It’s nice and awesome to hear what the actors think about the film and about their overall character development. Kishou Taniyama portrays Chuya Nakahara and we get to hear the awesome he persuades us with about his character. I personally love the relationship between Chuya and Osamu Dazai. We also hear from some of the bigger members of Crunchyroll’s staff and team.

The movie starts off with this gigantic egg of a flashback. Back when Dazai was still heavily involved with the Port Mafia. It gives us more insight into Dazai, Chuya and the Port Mafia. People forget that even though most of the time they seem to be the enemy; mafias started off as just protection type of organizations for their local neighborhood. Although the Port Mafia without Dazai has become extreme in their methods. We see a little of this in the flashback.

Getting back to present day not much has changed from when season two left off. Then someone from Port Mafia’s past comes back to hunt Yokohama and things hit the fan. Dazai disappears from the Armed Detective Agency, but the ADA are on the case. What now? The movie has big character development for our young growing threesome of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, Kyōka Izumi, and Atsushi Nakajima. Atsushi has the most development and the movie answers the biggest issue I’ve had with his character.

The villains of the movie really push our characters to the edge. To the point were they all must look inside themselves for the answers before they can attempt to fix things. It’s complex, dirty, gritty, twists, and turns, and of course a final battle. There isn’t a great anime movie that doesn’t end without a final battle. I’m so glad for this movie, and I think this is the end of the animes run besides the OVA that’s only in Japan currently. Go see it if you can it’s great, if you love the series you’ll love the movie.

Here at Anime Pad we give the movie:

Five Stars

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