Anime Pad Headed to Anime Central!!


Everyone we love you all and just wanted to let you know that we are confirmed as guests of Anime Central in Chicago. ACEN is being held May 18th-20th, seen as the Biggest Anime Convention in the Midwest, and from all of the updates it sure looks that way. They are going bigger this year bringing the best in voice acting both English and Japanese. Let’s not forget all the biggest companies in the industry. Earlier we wrote about the open voice acting auditions with Bang Zoom Entertainment and Studios. 

What we didn’t update you on is the musical guest of Fhana, they are the latest hottest band doing all the opening songs for your favorite animes. My favorite from them is Hello!My World!! which they used for the opening of Knight’s and Magic which you can catch on Crunchyroll. They’ve done so much more too.

 towanaJunichi Satoyuxuki wagakevin mitsunaga

So if you see Anime Pad and ETW (YouTube) around the con get your photo taken and do an interview with us. If you can’t make it to the con no problem. We will be updating video content daily on our YouTube along with some photos. We hope to have a great time and hope to meet some great people, cosplayers, guests, and everyone.

For more info on ACEN Click Here

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