13 Anime Video Games You Want


Can you believe all of the slated anime video games there are? Some that are coming out or are already out? Have you taken count? I don’t have enough money for all the anime games coming out. Which is mostly what I play now a day. What am I going to do? Lol. It’s hard not to try these games out if you are a fan of the shows.

Here’s the list:

  1. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet- Available Now Trailer

It’s like a third person shooter but in the eyes of Sword Art Online’s Gun Gale Online (GGO) from the shows second season. Think Borderlands.


  1. Dragonball Fighter Z- January 26, 2018 Trailer

Yeah we’ve seen a ton of Dragonball Z fighting games. This is one is different in that it’s like actually the fight scenes from battles that you want to record and watch like the show. These battles not only have technique, but a ton of flare for everyone to enjoy.


  1. .Hack//G.U. Last Recode- Available Now Trailer

MMO style game just like any ole .hack game. Although this is from the latest anime centered around Haseo and a little revenge on PKers.

.hack game-box_43

  1. Gundam Versus- Available Now Trailer

Yes, that battle royale for Gundam with a slew of new and current Gundams. Play as your best get a fight stick and you can dominate joystick is a little harder to grasp. You got player vs. player and all kinds of modes and battle types.

Gundam VS game-box_50

  1. Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker- To Be Announced Trailer

They’ve taken the Naruto games to another level with this one. So far from what we see the linear fighting is over. Explore and fight like an actual ninja from the show. That means running up walls and fighting sideways. A slew of new characters and abilities. Create your own character and a lot more.

Striker game-box_29

  1. The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia- Available Now Trailer

It’s your save the kingdom playing as this great team or used to be great squad. I would love to play Ban he’s my favorite character from the show. His back story is the most impressive to me how he got his powers and what not. Love the anime now play as the characters in a rpg fighter.

seven deadly game-box_77

  1. New Gundam Breaker- June 2018- Trailer

It’s the new wave of Gunpla. Just like in the new versions of anime based on Gundam where you customize your own Gundam model and then you can play as that Gundam in a VR setting. Great anime show so far and possible an even greater game for PS4.

gundam breaker box-art

  1. One Piece: Unlimited World Red: Available Now- Trailer

RPG open world fighter game is good and just another game to go along with all the other cool One piece games

One Piece RED game-box_36

  1. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven- Available Now– Trailer

Play as all these crazy characters in a action fighting game.


  1. Black Clover Quartet Knights- 2018-Trailer

We don’t know much about the game, it’s a 3rd person shooter rpg depending on the character you play as. An original storyline so it will keep you engaged just from that aspect. A slew of characters from the game not sure how many are playable but it looks like most of the Black Bulls and some other Knights from Season One of the anime.

Black Clover game-box_81

  1. One Piece World Seeker-2018- Trailer

Fully open world open map new story set from Luffy’s perspective. There’s some aspect of stealth and fighting involved in the open world setting. Gives me an Assassin’s Creed vibe, but One Piece.

One Piece World Seeker game-box_47

  1. My Hero One’s Justice-2018-Trailer

Based off the anime My Hero Academia it’s an action fighter game. Who doesn’t want this game oh my goodness. To play as all your favorite characters including the All Powerful All Might!! Go all out with Ultimate attacks and don’t worry about destroying your environment just like the anime.

My Hero game-box_88

  1. God Eater 3-2018-Trailer

The anime was great and only was one season. The video game has responded with three versions now. The latest is the same concept as before fighting these immense creatures to keep humanity going. In this latest installment it seems not that some of the creatures have mixed with technology oh boy! Could there be some human involvement to this scheme? A lot of this game is teaming up and fighting as a squad. No hero ball here in this game. Aragami will destroy you!!

God Eater 3 game-box_87


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